Our Story

Founded 1999

After spending time as an apprentice to a master carpet installer, Mr. Galvan decided to branch into the tile business. Before long, he progressed from running his own crew to managing multiple crews as a supervisor for a flooring store. With his years of flooring/carpeting experience, he took the opportunity to chase his ambition of providing a better future for his family, and so began the story of Galvan Floors. Like all great businesses, Galvan Floors started in a garage as a mom and pop business. With his wife by his side since the beginning, Mr. Galvan was extremely lucky to have her love and support as motivation to provide for his family. His children are proud to be raised by such a dedicated hard working man.

We Started To Grow

In the beginning, with only 2-3 people working for the business, Galvan Floors solely serviced residential properties. One by one, our clients spoke to their neighbors about the high-quality work we provided. Before too long, we found ourselves servicing more and more clients. This growth of clientele allowed Galvan Floors to expand and open a new fabrication shop. The goal of working with Commercial Businesses wasn’t in sight until the company grew to this point. Now, Galvan Floors is proud to have worked with commercial business’ such as the Dallas Cowboys, Nike, Tesla, and The Fort Worth Club.

2nd Generation of Galvan's

Jocelyn, the oldest of the trio, started working with her parents in 2006 when Galvan Floors acquired their fabrication shop. Jocelyn oversees and manages the countertop department to this day. Azenette, the second child, started working at Galvan Floors in 2010 while completing her Business degree. Azenette is currently responsible for overseeing all operations as well as managing each commercial project. Juanito, the youngest, assists our crew with quality control while also managing the Galvan Floors social media presence. Together, the Galvan’s have proactively grown their family business, earning the community’s respect and trust for their quality craftsmanship. A most recent display of the communities confidence is their feature in the prestigious local publication, Fort Worth Magazine. As their family and their business continues to grow, the Galvan’s have high hopes of seeing future generations of their family working beside them.